Steve believes it’s never too late to learn.

strategie opzioni binarie one touch Hi Cheryl, I believe things happen for a reason and so there has been a big part of coming and learning about more about the share market and trading.

go to site Modestly, I’m fortunate to be someone who can say that I’ve lost a portion of my wealth when we all experienced the stock market crash in the 2008, but I have been able to recover. Previously to the crash I was always tied to my advisers jargon, direction and at the time it seemed the way to go as we all lived in their idiom. After the crash I felt a need to educate myself, therefore leading me to the relationship I have had with the Sharemarket College. After learning the jargon, language and processes and a dash of confidence, it gave me the insight to the world of trading. Not only been able to pay for my course, bank some profit, my first two trades returned me 67.03% and 110.90 % of investment.

enter site A valuable lesson for me in this is that it’s never too late to learn.

binaire opties inleg Steve Perrett

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Rod found the training to be very good The Sharemarket College corsi operazioni binarie principianti I became involved with the Sharemarket College in about April of last year, but did not get my funds into my SMSF until about August. The process of getting my funds released from the Super fund managers was more involved than I realised.

generic fincar canada Shortly after this I invested most of my fund in the market looking for fairly conservative trades on a longer term basis. I do a balance sheet at the end each month and have found I am achieving 5% a month, the best being 7%. I have found the training to be very good and backup from the office excellent. As I am in Gladstone I am unable to attend the classes, but find the webinars very good. I find the trading system easy to use and signals (on the charts) very good.

binäre option 30 sekunden So far I have taken a fairly simple approach, just trading the shares, but intend to progress with options and CFD’s soon, not only as a hedge but as a money maker as I can see a few bargains out there. The information available at the college is very helpful in learning how to trade options etc.

Without spending hours watching charts, I find it having a look at the market a few times a day is interesting and fun. I can also leave it for a few days if away or too busy.



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Nigel got all he needed from his training at SMC

Dear Natasha,
Thank you for your interest in me. I assure you that I got all I needed from my training at SMC. I did 600 hours of SMC lectures and 2000 hours of “paper” trading before I went live. My Trade Rules and Strategy are now truly finely “evolved and tuned”.
Now I have been trading Shares and Options full time for the last 12 years. I am especially a “Sell-to-Open” Option trader and aim to make $150,000+/year [in a bad year] double in a good year. My Risk Management is very finely honed and life is fun. Just today closed a “Sell-to-Open” trade [in Bank CCs] for 1500% profit.
I have up to 30 “followers” doing what I do. It was an inspired thing I did to take the SMC course (in 2003). SMC did too good a job training me and between me [and my “followers”] we have done over 15000 trades in the last decade [spread between me and my “followers]; and we’re going great, so thank you for your interest.
I am trained to very competent level and my experience has added a huge dimension to my trading capability. Everyone tells me to write a book…..but that is not trading. I’m having fun just trading successfully. My “followers” are now very good friends.
Give my regards to Graeme and Jill.
Regards Nigel.
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My life has changed with SMC according to Dave

To Whomever it may concern,
I was not happy with my superannuation, but I struggled to find a real alternative. I eventually found the Share Market College. The real difference with  SMC is that they have and are providing on going education and training included with the membership,  delivering  what they promise with  continual support  allowing me to learn at my pace and at my level of understanding.
I joined the college in March 2016, opened a self managed super fund and started trading and with consistent monthly results, I have now replaced my Project Management salary and resigned from full time work 10 months later  in January 2017.
My life has changed with SMC, I am now in control of my lifestyle and retirement.
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Michaels feedback about Sharemarket College

Hi Jason,
I wanted to provide some feedback with my experience at the Sharemarket College.
For a while I have stumbled through the share markets with Share platforms and forex advertising until I come across the Sharemarket College. With your training I have managed to setup a Self managed Super fund, Invested in top quality companies and almost a complete return of investment in the first 12 months. Thanks to the Sharemarket college.
The team has been very supportive with non-stop service. I now have the confidence and ability to trade with the knowing of protecting my finances and know how to minimize the risk when investing.
Thanks again and look forward to working with you in FY17.
Kind Regards,
Michael D
18th July 2016
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David has no hesitation recomending SMC

To whom it may concern,
I have been involved with The Sharemarket College for approximately 3 months.
I have found that all that was initially spoken about and promised with Graeme Rogers has been delivered by a courteous and very helpful team of people at the college.
All queries and request for help has been forwarded to me quite promptly.
The personal, group and online education is practical, easy to follow and precise, all support is freely issued and any questions are answered in a way that I can understand.
I have found the transition in converting my Superannuation to a Self Managed Super Fund, quite easy to do with the generous support of the College staff who have and are working alongside with me with a clear direction, education and support to suit my needs and goals.
I have no hesitation in recommending The Sharemarket College to anyone who is looking to take control of their own retirement and investment future.
David W
7th June 2016.
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A huge thank you from Francis

Hi Rosie,
Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for encouraging Rebekah and myself to start down this road that will help us in SOO many ways that we did not think possible.
Again thank you for taking the time to stop me that day at the home show, the information that we have come to learn so far is mind blowing, to the extent that I think I nearly had an overload on the night as I have had no knowledge of share markets what so ever.
When I arrived home that night I was buzzing and tried to convey the info to Rebekah, but it was like trying to talk through a wet blanket.
When we sat down with Graeme yesterday I saw the kindling start to ignite and some of the larger firewood start to catch on, she totally got it and the benefits that we will be able to use in the future to further our interests as a family. Thank you, thank you thank you.
Kind Regards,
Francis and Rebekah E
19th November 2015
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Trevor’s Testimonial

Testimonial on the Sharemarket College
I had never been interested in the Sharemarket during my 20s and 30s. I remember watching the tickers on TV roll along at the bottom of the screen, wondering what it was all about. I’d sometimes hear the market had a down day. Or that we were in a bull market and that was good for the economy. None of it made much sense to me as I went off to work each day. Eventually I began to look into property investing, as most of us do. Bricks and mortar are the go I’d often hear from my parents or various friends.

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Charles view of Sharemarket College

I became active in the Sharemarket College in April 2014. My purpose was to take personal responsibility and control of my managed Superannuation fund by rolling it over to a self-managed superfund that would provide for me and my wife.
The change introduced a significant challenge since I had no background in technical analysis or even an appreciation of fundamental analysis of stocks. I reviewed possible sources of training in Australia, the UK, and the USA and selected the Sharemarket College after meaningful discussions with Graeme Rogers, the Director.

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Burts grattitude to Sharemarket College

To whom it may concern.
I would like to express my gratitude to the Sharemarket College  I joined the college 3 years ago and have learnt a lot about shares and working with CFD’s and Options, thus being safe with the limited funds I have.

Not being computer savvy I have had to struggle to get on top of my portfolio but with the help of the very patient staff at the Sharemarket College my confidence is improving.
I have found this experience an exciting challenge and could not have done this with out the support I get from everyone at the Sharemarket College.
Thank you very much.

Burt W
8th April 2014

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