Charles view of Sharemarket College

I became active in the Sharemarket College in April 2014. My purpose was to take personal responsibility and control of my managed Superannuation fund by rolling it over to a self-managed superfund that would provide for me and my wife.
The change introduced a significant challenge since I had no background in technical analysis or even an appreciation of fundamental analysis of stocks. I reviewed possible sources of training in Australia, the UK, and the USA and selected the Sharemarket College after meaningful discussions with Graeme Rogers, the Director.

SMC, through its expert technical staff, has provided in-depth training in technical analysis utilising its Virtual Trader platform in classroom lectures, on-line lectures, and a comprehensive library of training lectures for “at-home” studies. The staff is always available for one-on-one training and provides advice and support when I select possible investments.
Although the program is designed to have each investor place orders for shares directly through the trading platform, the staff is available to evaluate candidate share selections and suggest appropriate actions, even place orders if requested.
I find the daily market reports provided by the technical advisors that includes shares to place in a watch list very valuable.
A couple of times a week staff personnel will call to see if any help is needed in aspects of analysis or making share selections. Never have I felt I have been “set adrift” without ongoing support. In a few short months I have become comfortable in analytical evaluation of possible investments and have rolled over my complete superannuation.
Without the training and support offered by the Sharemarket College and my commitment to gain the most from what is offered, my confidence in managing my funds would not have been gained so quickly.
Charles R
CEO (retired)
17th November 2014
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