Jo’s letter to Sharemarket College

Dear Graeme and Jill,
I would like to send you the following testimonial of my experience making the decision to join the Share Market College and my progress since then.
I wanted to learn to trade. After initial investigation of many avenues I found The Share Market College suited my needs the most as it offered ‘do as you learn’ with experienced traders supporting, guiding and mentoring during the process. After visiting the College my thoughts were confirmed. Every box was ticked and I ‘signed up’.

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However being naturally cautious and wanting to consolidate my decision I investigated further on the internet where I found negative comments about the experience of others who reportedly attended the college. These comments were totally contradictory to how the College presented to me and of my impression of what the college was about. I withdrew my contract as I needed time to evaluate this new negative material.
After careful consideration the college remained the best option for me, the negative comments on the internet seemed contrived and out of character. I decided to go with my own instincts, signed my contract and committed to learning as much as possible.
I have not looked back! The College has lived up to every promise and more. Despite my working life I have had the opportunity to fit classes in both at the college and on line. The educators have great knowledge and teaching skills, with their guidance I have been able to progress at my own speed so there is no time wasted. The traders are actively supportive without being instructive, so my independence and ability to make decisions by applying knowledge is growing. The College staff maintain communication and have ensured the ease of establishment of trading systems.
The technical support people have explained and solved my queries quickly. I have had the opportunity to mix with other members of the College to share knowledge and experience gained….when speaking of their progress with trading and performance for their super funds many state ‘joining the College was the best thing I ever did’.
Overall I find energy and enthusiasm from the College, I find the team has the expertise I need and they have sincere enjoyment of supporting members to successful trading.
I have learnt so much thus far and am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I have never felt isolated. I have had advice and encouragement whenever I need it and always with respect for my own opinions.
In a short space of time, just 3 months, I have learnt more than I expected and have actually started to trade.
‘Me’ doing my own trading with confidence has become a likely scenario. I could not be thinking that without the College. It is a great opportunity I would recommend to others.
Jo H
19 May 2013
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