Nigel got all he needed from his training at SMC

Dear Natasha,
Thank you for your interest in me. I assure you that I got all I needed from my training at SMC. I did 600 hours of SMC lectures and 2000 hours of “paper” trading before I went live. My Trade Rules and Strategy are now truly finely “evolved and tuned”.
Now I have been trading Shares and Options full time for the last 12 years. I am especially a “Sell-to-Open” Option trader and aim to make $150,000+/year [in a bad year] double in a good year. My Risk Management is very finely honed and life is fun. Just today closed a “Sell-to-Open” trade [in Bank CCs] for 1500% profit.
I have up to 30 “followers” doing what I do. It was an inspired thing I did to take the SMC course (in 2003). SMC did too good a job training me and between me [and my “followers”] we have done over 15000 trades in the last decade [spread between me and my “followers]; and we’re going great, so thank you for your interest.
I am trained to very competent level and my experience has added a huge dimension to my trading capability. Everyone tells me to write a book…..but that is not trading. I’m having fun just trading successfully. My “followers” are now very good friends.
Give my regards to Graeme and Jill.
Regards Nigel.
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