Trevor’s Testimonial

Testimonial on the Sharemarket College
I had never been interested in the Sharemarket during my 20s and 30s. I remember watching the tickers on TV roll along at the bottom of the screen, wondering what it was all about. I’d sometimes hear the market had a down day. Or that we were in a bull market and that was good for the economy. None of it made much sense to me as I went off to work each day. Eventually I began to look into property investing, as most of us do. Bricks and mortar are the go I’d often hear from my parents or various friends.

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Once though, in a seminar I was at, one of the speakers began talking about the Sharemarket. He pointed out that shares had always outperformed property consistently over long periods of time. It was a theme I’d hear often from that time on. I decided then to take share investing more seriously. Finding someone to teach me about the market was a little harder to find back then. I happened upon a TV ad for the Sharemarket College though one night, and decided to see what they offered. My partner, at the time, and I went along to hear a SMC representative and what he said about markets and patterns repeating themselves in the markets made sense once shown on a chart. I was sure that that couldn’t be all there is to it though, and I was right.
After considering it for a while I decided to take the plunge and see if I had what it took to ingest the knowledge to take control of my finances for the long term. It was and has been a very empowering journey ever since.
Sure, even once I became disciplined and confident, through the teachings of the Sharemarket College, I sometimes had bad days on the market. The great thing though was that the Sharemarket College experienced trainers and advisers were only ever a call away to discuss what I had done wrong in my trade setups to ensure that it didn’t happen again.
These days I manage my own Super fund which this year I had increased over 20 percent. Not bad for a market that went sideways or backwards for the year. Luckily I had learned to make profits from markets that went up, down or even just stood still. All strategies taught by The Sharemarket College and their experienced trainers.
I’d recommend the Sharemarket College to anyone whatever age who would like to take control of their finances. Start with a paper trading account that uses imaginary money in real markets to build your confidence. Then when you’re ready to take that step, build a financial future with your own money for yourself and your family.
Trevor P
18th June 2015
Member since 2004
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